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Racers battle tough Sri Lankan terrain at Red Bull Tuk It

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Racers battle tough Sri Lankan terrain at Red Bull Tuk It

237 teams tackle four gruelling stages including the bustling city streets.

Red Bull Tuk It returned for the fourth time in Sri Lanka on February 22-23 with the 237 teams taking on the roughest terrains. Here is all you need to know:

– The iconic Sri Lankan tuk-tuk is an integral part of the country’s identity and comes with its unique challenges, both technical and through societal stereotypes.

– The event is designed to test the body and mind of those who embarked upon a gruelling trip through bustling city streets and challenging off-road terrains.

– The teams were three people each with them tackling four stages, each of which covered a variety of tough terrain, challenges and tasks unique to the local area.

– Participants completed three stages on day one – travelling from Kaluaggala to Dundin Estate and Vee Oya – then Galaha to the finish in Dambulla on day two.

– The overall winner was Team 93-4 with Team 93-1 and Team Mulleriyawa Kings One runner-ups, while the winner of the most creative tuk-tuk was Team Lion.

– Milestones were celebrated in the form of Special Awards where Team Fire was awarded for Best Timing at Galaha Quarry special stage, Team Jenny made history as the first women’s team to compete and Team One Beat was recognised as the first ever international team.

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