Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Five sumo association members in Japan confirmed to have antibody for coronavirus

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Five members of Japan’s Sumo Association were confirmed to have the coronavirus antibody, public broadcaster NHK said on Monday, citing the association.

The association has conducted antibody tests for 891 members including sumo wrestlers and stablemasters who wished to, NHK said.

Among the five who were confirmed to have the antibody, four were found negative for PCR testing and one appears to have already been cured, according to the report. It did not say if the five were wrestlers or had other roles.

A 28-year-old sumo wrestler, Shobushi, died from the coronavirus in May, the first figure in the sport to do so.

The next big event of the season, the 2020 July Grand Sumo Tournament, is scheduled to take place behind closed doors in Tokyo from July 19 to Aug. 2

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