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MASON BEE FALL HARVEST – For One Week in October Millions of Mason Bee Cocoons are Harvested and Cleaned so Healthy Bees are Returned to the Environment

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Bothell based company, Rent Mason Bees, and gardeners across the country are helping to protect and care for pollinators. For one week in October, Rent Mason Bees transforms their shop into a bustling harvesting center where millions of mason bee cocoons are cleaned and their nesting blocks are washed and sterilized. This helps remove predators like pollen mites, chalkbrood and Houdini fly larva which can harm these fragile pollinators when they emerge the following year. By taking proactive steps to protect these essential creatures, Rent Mason Bees is helping create a healthy environment for mason bees that are critical for pollinating gardens, crops and help maintain a healthy ecosystem.

Mason Bee Fall Harvest

“Many people don’t realize the importance of cleaning cocoons and nesting blocks,” explains Thyra McKelvie, who runs the Pollination Program for Rent Mason Bees. “If they’re left uncleaned, you’ll provide a breeding ground for harmful predators. That’s why we diligently clean every cocoon to ensure healthy bees are released the following spring.”

Mason bees are ONE OF MOTHER NATURE’S BEST POLLINATORS. They visit over 2,000 blossoms a day and belly flop onto flowers collecting pollen all over their bodies. This enables them to pollinate 95% of the flowers they land on, whereas honeybees meticulously collect pollen on their back legs and pollinate 5% of the flowers.

They DO NOT STING and are non-aggressive because they don’t have a hive or queen to protect. They are solitary bees, which means every female lays her own eggs, gathers her own food and finds her own nesting chamber. Like a butterfly, their larvae spin a silk cocoon to hibernate over winter. Once they’ve formed their waterproof and durable cocoon, gardeners mail back their nesting blocks and the team at Rent Mason Bees extracts all the cocoons and cleans every single “baby” bee.

Rent Mason Bees is the only company in the country who has a solitary bee program where you help your bee population by releasing solitary bees and renting nesting blocks. They do all the maintenance and cleaning of cocoons and blocks in the fall to rid predators. The following spring, healthy bees are released again to pollinate gardens, crops and habitats around the country. This process helps to ensure that the ecosystem grows stronger and that bee populations remain healthy and sustainable.

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