Thursday, July 7, 2022

WH: Trump ‘will not’ rename U.S. bases with Confederate past

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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Wednesday defended President Donald Trump’s decision to not rename U.S. military bases with a Confederate past, which was viewed a possible gesture of racial reconciliation in the wake of George Floyd’s death last month.

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday rejected any proposal to rename U.S. military bases that are named for Confederate leaders from the 1860s Civil War, dismissing appeals made in the wake of the death of African American George Floyd.

Trump’s announcement via tweet basically slapped down those Pentagon officials open to discussing the issue.

In the past few days, officials have said that the Pentagon, including Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, was open to having a bipartisan conversation about renaming the Army bases named for Confederate leaders.

Ten bases carry the names of Confederate military leaders, including Fort Bragg in North Carolina, one of the largest in the United States, and Fort Hood in Texas. Discussions about renaming the bases have emerged as a way of achieving racial reconciliation.

At a news briefing Wednesday, White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany noted that the HBO Max streaming service had withdrawn the Civil War movie “Gone with the Wind” and asked “Where do you draw the line?” “Should George Washington and Thomas Jefferson be erased from history?,” she said of the first and third American presidents, both of whom owned slaves.

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