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The Global Gift Gala Marbella Celebrates its 10th Edition in a ¨Magical Night to Remember¨ Ceremony

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Global Gift Foundation celebrated a decade of The Global Gift Gala Marbella edition, which took place at the star-studded Don Pepe Hotel. The magical night was presented by global sponsors Woonkly and eGow3rld.

Maria Bravo and Eva Longoria welcomed notable guests, including Julissa Reynoso, ChenoaManuel Rulfo, as masters of ceremony. Guests were treated by performances from Antonio Rodríguez, FarruSoleá Rodriguez, Lya, and DJ Denise Van Outen. Also in attendance, Stephanie Cayo, Ilia TopuriaSarah Almagro, Olga Sharipo, Alejandro NonesPaula Pérez, Daniel Lorente, Gianmarco OnestiniJuan Lebrón and Julissa Reynoso.

Guests of this landmark edition were thrilled when Eva Longoria and Alina got on stage to surprise Maria with a performance dedicated to her by Keru Sanchez.

Ambassador Julissa Reynoso was awarded The Global Gift Women Empowerment Award which celebrated all inspirational women who made a difference in lives of other women through their professional and social roles. Reynoso supported social programs which battered the quality of life and care for immigrants in the United States.

The gala became expressly intimate when the posthumous tributes to four personalities from various fields; the greatest tennis player, Manolo SantanaAhmed Ashmawi, a close friend of Maria Bravo; Olivia Valere, “an icon of Marbella and a woman with an immense heart”, said Maria, and to Giuseppina Filippone of the Da Bruno group.

The menu was chosen by Zalacaín Restaurant and created by the Executive Chef Victor Carracedo and Chef Iñigo Urrechu.

The auction was full of works of art such as that of DEMOMari Roldan, and Baldo Limón, Olga Sharipo, Outlyer Entertainment, and Pacaso Homes Experience.

In addition to Woonkly and eGoW3rld, sponsors and partners included Casanis Group’s restaurant MamzelHotel Don PepeGran Meliá, the Spanish luxury society, Luxury Spain, Audi Safamotor, the real estate platform PacasoMalaga Provincial CouncilMaupy Worldwide and Nicoe Design.

Collaborators of the night, included Huda Beauty, Wishful, and KayaliPower 8, DeLona, Prime PropertiesThe Cría Cuervos wineProseco Exquisito and SCAVI & RAY.

July 22nd, at Casa Ángeles, the day centre for children with special needs in Marbella, received a visit from Eva Longoria to pick up her son, Santiago Bastón, who came to the summer camp that Casa Ángeles carried out for the 2nd consecutive year.

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