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Food Blogger Shares Weight Loss Tips and Strategies

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Amy Roskelley is a healthy food blogger, and the mind behind the site Health Beet. The mission of this blog is to encourage women at any age to start a healthier lifestyle without giving up on their favorite foods. Amy is a renowned author, chef, nutrition educator, and certified personal trainer.

After decades of struggling to lose weight, Amy Roskelley finally got in the best shape of her life at the age of 45!  After all, Amy competed in her first bikini show at the age of 46, when she finally found two simple changes to make weight loss finally work for her. She shares that not eating between meals, and counting calories was critical to being consistent enough to lose the weight and keep it off.

The mission of her blog is to encourage women at any age to crush their weight loss goals, without giving up on their favorite foods. Amy is now an author, chef, nutrition educator, and personal trainer.

Amy had always loved cooking food and enjoying meals to their fullest. But due to her love for food, she found herself struggling with her weight.

She soon realized instead of struggling with trying to deprive herself of her favorite foods, she knew she could create delicious meals that made her feel satisfied with every meal. “With calorie counting and portion control, you can still enjoy the food you love and reach your health goals.”

On her blog, you can find all the tools that helped her make this happen, including:

  • Low calorie recipes like chicken lettuce wraps.
  • Ways to turn your protein powder into indulgent desserts, like cake balls.
  • And portion controlled meal plans that meet your nutrition needs, but still helps you lose weight.

As for her famous bikini transformation, Amy relied on being honest with herself about her calorie intake by tracking, weighing, and measuring her food.

Amy started her weight loss journey, and now she is a 49-year-old woman with a successful wellness and fitness career. If anything, her journey is inspiring and motivating to many people. Even people who may not be struggling with weight loss find her story encouraging.


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