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Haunt Enthusiasts Looking To Be Scared To Death

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America Haunts named the Scariest Haunted Attractions in the US for 2022

The best haunted attractions in the US have evolved to take on the task their fans are seeking – to be scared to death. While not literally, adrenaline junkies are looking for that heightened fright experience that makes the heart beat faster and often generates a “fight-of-flight mode” to finish with a rush of good emotions. Given the stress, haunts of this caliber warn those with a heart condition should not enter.

Professional scaring is no small task in this era of advanced technology, where realism in movies and video games raises the bar. Haunted attractions take year-round investment and skills beyond what the film industry can do because there are no camera tricks – the fans are experiencing this up close and personal.

Gaining a pulse on the situation, Erebus Haunted Attraction, outside of Detroit, studies heart rates, brain waves, and consumer feedback to hone their scary craft. The more immersed haunt goers get, the greater their fear. The groundwork for scaring starts outside in the festival-like atmosphere before guests enter. People waiting in line start to get on the ‘fear-ledge’ as they witness cast members rove around and frighten people – adding to the entertainment with screams and laughter. Once inside, high-tech cameras, laser triggers, lighting, sounds, added odors, engineered hydraulic lifts, and bionic mechanisms heighten the impact of the sets, animatronics, and costumed cast.

America Haunts, the association of the most experienced and largest commercial haunted attractions, reports that the best in the haunt industry measure what effectively terrifies guests to achieve adrenaline joy and fun memories. The association named the 2022 Scariest Haunted Attractions, highlighting the best updates to enhance fright and attract fans from coast to coast seeking scary-good thrills.

1. Erebus Haunted Attraction Detroit. A mad scientist is behind this disorienting scientific lab disguised as a haunted house to attract subjects used in his experiments. Four stories of time travel through mind-bending terror make visitors question reality.

2. Bennett’s Curse Baltimore. People fall into different groups of what triggers their fear. This haunt covers its bases with four haunted houses in one gigantic building. Even Halloween classics transform into a nightmare on steroids, creating an evening of horrifying fun.

3. Spooky World Boston/New England area. The recent addition of Asylum 47 to the haunt deployed all the latest fear-based technologies and cemented its place as a terrifying destination. Plus, monsters at every turn on a mile-long haunted hayride and a labyrinth do not disappoint thrill-seekers.

4. Dent Schoolhouse Cincinnati. Based in an old schoolhouse, the haunting is said to have begun after a murder spree took place in the 1950s. Visitors test their nerves where the ghostly inhabitants have no mercy and offer no hall pass to escape terror as visitors enter classrooms, the cafeteria, the basement, and beyond.

5. Thrillvania Dallas. This mega-sized attraction had a head start given its early use of pyrotechnics and larger-than-life animatronics that is a fan favorite to create shock and awe. Visitors tremble with heart-pounding fear in this world-renowned haunt where fear reigns.

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