Thursday, August 11, 2022

Get the Gift of a Lift This Summer with a Hot Air Balloon Tour with Sunrise Balloons in Temecula, CA

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Sunrise Balloons offers professional sunrise hot air balloon tours in Temecula, CA. Looking for a unique experience that will take your breath away? Look no further than Sunrise Balloons. Their hot air balloon tours are available daily throughout the summer. Once a day at sunrise, their tours will give patrons a breathtaking view over the beautiful Southern California Wine Country.

On top of group hot air balloon tours, Sunrise Balloons also offers private sunrise hot air balloon tours. These private tours include champagne and bottled water, 45 – 60 minutes of flight time, retrieval from landing location, discounted wine tour options, an optional special occasion banner, and much more. As the originator of the “Adventure Flight,” Sunrise Balloons is the celebrity’s choice when it comes to high-end hot air balloon tours.

Ballooning is a weather and weight sensitive activity, meaning that their ability to fly is completely dependent on the current weather.  However, Southern California offers phenomenal ballooning weather, and they are able to fly approximately 90% of the flights that are scheduled throughout the year (10% being canceled due to unsafe weather conditions).

Sunrise Balloons is the top-rated hot air balloon tour company in the Temecula area. Whether one is looking to make a regular day more interesting or getting ready to plan a big surprise for that special someone, Sunrise Balloons is here to offer spectacular hot air balloon tours to all. Plan any special event, birthday, anniversary, graduation, or wedding proposal with the professionals here at Sunrise Balloons.

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