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Continuous Updates For Time For Taiwan – Virtual Exhibition

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Promoting Keelung’s Features of Mountain and Sea by Recording the Beauty of the Port City

In September last year, the Tourism Bureau, MOTC started a new trend of tourism that is different from brick-and-mortar exhibitions by establishing an online tourism platform — “Time for Taiwan – Virtual Exhibition” which allows people to know better about beautiful landscapes without any restriction, tourism attractions and accommodation in Taiwan within a short time. The latest Keelung tourism information is provided on the platform. In addition, to promote the city internationally, videos based on the features of different countries are presented, so that domestic and international tourists can visit Keelung at home without constraints.

Tseng Tzu-Wen, Director-General of Taiwan’s Keelung Department of Tourism and City Marketing, said that Keelung is famous for its delicious local dishes. At the Keelung Miaokou Night Market, delicacies such as grilled sandwiches, shaved ice dessert, One Bite Sausage, oyster omelet, and tempura are just satisfying to people with different flavor preferences; At the Kanziding Fish Market in the morning, the freshest seafood just unloaded from the boat is available. You can feel the city’s vitality. Keelung City has a high density of cafés, with coffee culture closely related to history, which is an important attribute of this prosperous port city. Different from Café chains can be found everywhere, all of which are run by people with different personalities, features, and their distinctive formulas. Come and find a café during the journey to have a relaxing afternoon with a cup of coffee and beautiful views.

The video “Themed Attractions – Different Keelung” that introduces this charming city is now available. The next video “Northern America – Secret Attractions,” which introduces secret attractions in Keelung to audiences in North America, is expected to broadcast in late July. We welcome you to explore Keelung through Time for Taiwan – Virtual Exhibition in the post-pandemic era. Apart from the platform, please also visit “Keelung Travel” for more tourism information.

IVOX NEWS :: SOURCE Department of Tourism and City Marketing, Keelung City Government

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