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Finding a Gift for the Person Who Has Everything

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The reason it can be so difficult to find the perfect gift for someone that has everything is exactly that. We’re so focused on the fact that they have everything, we forget about how things can have emotional value, and it’s ok if you get your friend a candle, because you know what? She loves candles, and she isn’t going to complain about having one more. But if you’re looking for more concrete gift ideas, let’s explore a few options your loved one can either get a ton of use out of, or a gift that will give them memories that last a lifetime.  

An Experience  

If you truly believe your best friend has too many candles, or just too much stuff in general, then one of your best bets would probably be to score them a cool experience they’ll never forget.

Consider the following: 

A Wine-Tasting for the Connoisseur in Your Life

A Masterclass for the Scholar at Heart

Skydiving Experience or a National Parks Membership for the Adventurer

A Sentimental Item  

You can never go wrong with something sentimental or personalized so that your gift-ee can feel like they have something that is just for them.  

Try these: 

Engraved Jewelry  

Photo Credit :: CaitlynMinimalist

A Personalized Gift

Photo Credit :: zhangchuanfa

Phone Accessories

Alright it may seem random, but think about it, we use our phones all the time. A phone accessory really is the universal gift.  

Choose from: 

Phone Magnets – Hello Tik Tok

Photo Credit :: elitelovely

Stylish Wireless Phone Charging Trays 

Photo Credit :: CasesByLorraine

At the end of the day, and pardon the cliche, no matter what you choose to buy, making an effort to find the perfect gift for someone you love is the best gift of all. Noting beats the warm fuzzies you get when your loved one shows you they’re thinking about you. So don’t sweat it, it’s the thought that counts.  

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