Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Free to be: Kt wants to remind you – Girls aren’t the only ones who bleed!

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This summer, Kt by Knix, little sister brand to Global intimates and apparel brand Knix, is championing their community’s self-expression, creativity, and encouraging them to bleed with confidence.

Since its inception in 2017, Kt has been at the forefront of fighting stigmas associated with gender norms and periods while educating youth in the process. At the heart of their mission, Kt aims to give teens their own safe space in the world of periods with the freedom and confidence they deserve. Kt’s mission is supported by their ongoing campaigns and initiatives to open up conversations around people who bleed because gender isn’t a determining factor when it comes to periods.

While talking about your period can be challenging, it’s even more important to normalize talking about periods with everyone and not solely about what that experience is for cis women. According to a Kt blog post, normalizing periods for all, provides better access to period education and period health, while making period products accessible to everyone that experiences periods. Participating in open dialogues around periods will squash period taboos and empower every person, no matter their gender, to share their relationship with their period – because girls are not the only ones who menstruate.

This June to support the launch of their Free To Be collection, Kt held a photoshoot with an all identifying LGBTQIA2+ cast where they shared how they embrace their identity with confidence. Cast member August shared, “I used to try and conform to different gender ideals but I found that I’m happier doing whatever I want.” They/he continued to mention, “there are so many different ways to be creative, I don’t know why we would limit ourselves to a binary that we didn’t even set up. I try to follow what makes me feel good.”

Earlier this year, Kt launched Period 101: A Crash Course in Menstruation for Teens – a free guide to provide accessible period education, and fight period stigma among teens and their peers. With up to 65% of teens using the internet to learn about menstruation, Kt proactively put this guide together to answer all questions around menstruation. But Kt’s work doesn’t stop there. At the beginning of May in partnership with PERIOD., Kt launched their #periodovershare charitable social campaign to fight period poverty and eliminate stigma. Until May 2023, when users tag @ktbyknix and @periodmovement with the inclusion of #periodovershare on social media, Kt will donate 1 of their reusable pads or 1 pair of leakproof underwear to PERIOD. to distribute among BIPOC and LGBTQIA2+ communities.

The Free To Be Collection launches on June 8th, 2022 and is available while quantities last.


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