Thursday, August 11, 2022

Take it Offline: OpenTable and Bumble Reveal Top 100 Dining Guides for IRL Romantic, Platonic and Professional Meet-Ups

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After the past few years of virtual-first hangouts and more than enough “me time,” socializing is having a moment. Recent survey data reveals 66% of Americans say their social circles have shrunk in the past 1-2years, and 58% are interested in seeking out new connections within the next year whether a romantic partner, friend or professional contact. OpenTable, a global leader in restaurant technology and part of Booking Holdings, Inc., and Bumble, one of the world’s largest dating apps with millions of users worldwide, are debuting three Top 100 dining guides to discover the perfect venue for every type of meet-up: Best Restaurants for a DateBest Restaurants for a Friend Date and Best Restaurants for a Business Meeting.

For the 48% who agreed the thought of asking an online contact to meet IRL for the first time is stressful – the #1 stressor is picking the right spot/activity – OpenTable and Bumble are taking the legwork and guesswork out. Simply download the Bumble app to find people to date on Bumble Date, platonic friends through Bumble BFF or professional connections via Bumble Bizz. The rest comes easy: beginning today through August 18, you’ll see the campaign pop-up within any of Bumble’s modes, and can swipe right to receive an OpenTable link to discover the best meet-up spots within your city and beyond. The lists are also explorable via OpenTable.

“People are craving connection, and partnering with Bumble to debut curated diner guides means skipping the dreaded ‘where should we go’ question and instead focusing on nailing that first impression,” said Susan Lee, Chief Growth Officer for OpenTable. “The win-win is that this movement for in-person socialization also supports the still-recovering dining scene.”

“At Bumble, we’re fueled by bringing people together to build genuine connections across every stage of their life: dating, making friends and professional connections,” said Olivia Yu, Bumble’s Global Vice President of Partnerships. “We saw great feedback from our community following our partnership with OpenTable last fall, where we announced 2021’s 100 Best Restaurants for a Date in America. We couldn’t wait to partner with OpenTable again and hope that these lists make it easier for those within our community to find the perfect place to meet, no matter the type of relationship they’re looking for.”

Whether seeking a platonic, professional or romantic relationship, OpenTable’s lists, backed by over 13.6 million diner reviews, have something for everyone.

Take it Offline: A Romantic Relationship
Americans are single and ready to mingle: of those looking for new connections, 34% are especially ready to find a romantic partner. In addition, 39% want to find a partner but don’t know where to start and 29% need help figuring out where to go/what to do after making that initial connection. OpenTable’s 100 Best Restaurants for a Date in America features intimate spots that diners rate highly for date night.

If you’re married, in a relationship or you’re simply not interested in dating, you can turn off Bumble Date and only use the Bumble app for friendship-finding or business networking.

Take it Offline: A Budding BFF
Of those seeking out new connections, over half (60%) are  hot on forming new friendships. Of those, 46% say forming relationships as an adult is hard and 38% need to put themselves out there. Luckily, OpenTable’s 100 Best Restaurants for a Friend Date in America is the perfect planning aid to help take the plunge – these are the places diners rank highest for casual get-togethers.

Take it Offline: A Professional Contact
With work and life blending in new ways, it’s time business and pleasure do the same. 34% of Americans looking to grow their social circles are specifically eager to expand their network. OpenTable’s 100 Best Restaurants for a Business Meeting in America is the perfect place to select a first-time networking meet-up – ideal because nearly ⅔ adults (63%) say meeting up with a new professional contact should take place over food or drinks.

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