Thursday, August 11, 2022

Inspired by the Tragedy of the Pandemic, Austrian Artist Marcin Glod Creates High Demand Masterpieces

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 For artist Marcin Glod, inspiration can come from anywhere including the pandemic.

Known as Glod in the Vienna art world, he uses everyday pop cultural references known by everybody in society with a mixture of styles to express current events.

When he attended his first art show in Vienna in 2019, one of his first paintings was sold for 14.000€., or more than $15,000 U.S. It showed The Pink Panther in front of bricks of one-dollar bills conveying how society feels about money.

Glod is popular with athletes, bankers, collectors, and investors all over the world, who value not just his unique artistic talents but see his paintings and prints, and NFTs as an investment increasing in value over time.

“Tensions such as what we’re seeing during COVID are my main source of inspiration allowing me to create a wide range of work. The pop-cultural references in my art are important tools for dealing with and questioning social developments, current events, and historical parallels,” said Glod.

Many people are struggling through the pandemic, and he incorporates their emotions and thoughts into some of his pieces. Three of his pieces displayed in Vienna show popular icons in the backdrop of vaccine vials that depict how people feel about our present situation.

“The pandemic pieces will also be on display in the U.S. at the New York Art Expo from April 22-24 and in Los Angeles in June. I will also be at World Dubai Art March 16-19 and in the U.K. this summer,” said Glod.

One of his COVID-inspired pieces shows the iconic Disney scrooge character leaning on a cane flipping a coin, while another piece shows vulgar language from protestors written inside a vaccine vial.

A third piece has the Venus de Milo inside the vial with German newspaper COVID headlines surrounding it.

“It represents two sides of society. The anti-vaccers are angry and say it’s all fake and costs too much money. While the other side is saying we better be calm and get the vaccine to save our lives,” said Glod.

Glod draws inspiration from artists that have lived from different historical eras, such as Michelangelo, Andy Warhol, or Banksy, and the urban environment. He refers to himself as a new modern culture artist who incorporates different art movements.

He’s also inspired by pop art, urban environments and uses numerous materials and tools. Some of the tools include stencils, spray paint, epoxy resins, oil paints, varnishes, and newspapers, to subversively depict various iconic pop culture characters.

His work sits at the intersection of street art, graffiti, and painting. The 27-year-old’s unique artistic style depicts culture by mixing a variety of mediums with everyday icons that tell a story of what society is experiencing at the moment.

Glod’s unique paintings combine vintage icons with new events that are today shaping our daily lives. His works are an exciting mixture of modern-day street art, graffiti, and painting and draws inspiration from different eras.

Born in Poland, Glod started drawing when he was just four and won art competitions at seven. At 10, he moved to Vienna. Later, he studied communication design and performing arts at the Graphische in Vienna and describes himself as a “The New Modern Culture Artist”.

At the young age of 18, he started a branding agency in Vienna to help create branding concepts for RedBull, Uber, Deloitte, TEDx, and many other major companies.

After exhibitions at the largest church in Austria called the Stephansdom in Vienna and Basel, Switzerland, and Hamburg, Germany last year, he decided to focus his career on creating works of art for a worldwide audience.

He also collaborates with RedBull, the biggest company in Austria, Solebox, and Rauch, the largest Austrian juice company.

“You can see my artwork on my website. If you’re interested in one of my pieces or have a special request, please do not hesitate to contact me,” said Glod.

For further information or to schedule an interview contact Marcin Glod at +436606769657 or [email protected].


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