Tuesday, July 5, 2022

VNV Launches the First Fashion Platform for the Modern Midlife Woman

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Bucking the trend of chasing Gen Z, the woman-run retail platform seeks to deliver on a $73 billion market opportunity

While the fashion industry chases the younger generation, there is a $73 billion-dollar market the industry tends to overlook – women over 40. 

VNV is changing the fashion landscape with their newly launched fashion marketplace for women as they age, curating clothing across multiple designers to offer fashion that is modern, easy to wear, and fits the way women want. 

VNV is bringing back the joy of dressing, with an eye towards finding a happy medium between crop tops and frumpy bags. Every piece is vetted to ensure it meets the mission of  VNV: clothing that fits women’s changing bodies and styles. 

VNV believes dressing by age is outdated, and instead encourages women to dress for themselves like in the textured Mina button down top and cropped white pant.

VNV was founded by two women – a Millennial and a Baby Boomer – after hearing women in their lives complain about the difficulty of finding great clothing and months of frustrated searching. This mission-driven, 100-percent female operated company is defying convention with a pro-age attitude empowering women to be inspired and to feel confident at any age. 

“We set out to answer the million-dollar question: Why do fashion companies ignore the most obvious, underserved billion-dollar market of women of a certain age?” says CEO Rachel Stevens. “Life doesn’t stop at 40, 50 or 60 so access to high quality fashion that is easy to find and feels great to wear shouldn’t stop either.” 

VNV has partnered with 20 brands to date to offer a variety of styles, sizing and price points. The assortment of thoughtfully curated brands delivers an incredible digital experience to consumers. VNV is committed to accessibility, diversity and inclusion in the partners and styles they choose, as well as the women they feature, the team they hire, and the sizing they include.

“We at Ecru are so excited and honored to be one of the first VNV partners.” says Howard Sheer, Managing Director, Ecru. “When we met Janice and Rachel, we loved their idea of providing sophisticated fashion solutions for women aged 40+, and believed that we were perfectly aligned on serving this vibrant, vital, and underserved customer.”

Discovery is the backbone of the VNV platform. Using purchasing data, VNV will create personalized, style-driven profiles that show women clothing they want and that has been designed and team-tested to fit well – solving for the number one reason for returns in the retail industry.

VNV is driven to be the best platform delivering on the midlife woman’s needs, occasions, and preferences. In doing so, VNV is creating a destination for women to be celebrated and seen, no matter what her age.


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