Thursday, August 11, 2022

T.J.Maxx and Emmy-Nominee Yvonne Orji are Empowering You to ‘Find Your Maxx’ and Start Living Your Most Authentic Life

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T.J.Maxx is committed to supporting women in being their most authentic selves and believes they should be able to do so without making compromises. A recent survey uncovered that 65% of women have new priorities coming out of the pandemic*, but there are often barriers that stand in the way of them going all-in on pursuing their dreams. Whether it’s a lack of resources or fear of not being perfect, T.J.Maxx is here to help women so they can begin prioritizing themselves and their goals – unapologetically.

Today, T.J.Maxx launches Find Your Maxx: a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that gives women essential tools that empower them to ditch the fear of failure and put themselves first. Whether that means taking their creative expression to the next level, getting their side hustle off the ground or anything in between, one lucky grand prize winner will receive the mentorship of a lifetime with Emmy-nominated actress, comedian, and writer—Yvonne Orji and $50,000 in starter funds to help propel them toward their Maxx self.

Yvonne knows first-hand what it’s like to commit to herself unapologetically. After discovering her passion for stand-up comedy while in graduate school, she altered her plans of becoming a doctor to pursue her dreams. That’s why Yvonne is helping her mentee kick-start the process of finding her Maxx via one-on-one sessions, and inspiring women everywhere to do the same.

“As someone who is committed to discovering the best version of myself, I’m excited to join the Find Your Maxx with T.J.Maxx campaign, not only to encourage women to support and empower one another, but also for women to embrace their most unapologetic selves,” said Yvonne Orji. “I love that Find Your Maxx is giving women tangible tools to help them break down the barriers to self-prioritization and let their authenticity shine. I can’t wait to meet my mentee and go all-in on this adventure together!”

How it Works:

  • Starting today through August 26th, participants can enter for the chance to win the Find Your Maxx prize via by submitting a short video that defines what finding their Maxx looks like. This contest is free of charge to enter.
  • One grand prize winner and five finalists will be selected to receive unique prize packages:
    • Grand Prize: The grand prize winner will receive $50,000 in funding to help support her as she goes all in on pursuing her ambitions and passions, along with a mentorship with Yvonne Orji to provide insight and expertise.
    • Finalist Prize: Our five finalists will each receive $10,000 in funding and be paired with Sophia Casey, a certified life coach and corporate trainer with more than 30 years’ experience, to help begin their journey.

Find Your Maxx is part of The Maxx You Project, T.J.Maxx’s ongoing initiative to support women as they navigate the process of becoming their most authentic selves. Now, in its sixth year, The Maxx You Project is launching the “Find Your Maxx Workshops” to provide women everywhere with resources and support as they navigate the process of becoming their Maxx selves.  

Beginning in October and continuing through November, T.J.Maxx will host six virtual workshops on TikTok and Instagram Live via @tjmaxx. Each installment will be co-hosted by life coach Sophia Casey alongside a special guest and focus on a variety of topics to encourage viewers on their journey. The workshop themes include:

Visit over the coming weeks for more information on workshop dates and how to tune in.

This year, T.J.Maxx is continuing its partnership with global non-profit organization, Dress for Success, to support its mission of empowering women to transform their lives and re-envision their futures. In addition to collaborating on the “Maxx Your Career” virtual workshop, T.J.Maxx is providing an array of dedicated programming to the Dress for Success community, encouraging the organization’s members to find their Maxx selves. This includes:

  • A month-long series of virtual programming, ranging from an expert workshop aimed at educating women about the psychology behind successful goal management to a guided meditation designed to help women envision a pathway to career success.
  • In-person workshops dedicated to helping women prioritize their career goals at 13 Dress for Success affiliate boutiques around the country.
  • T.J.Maxx styling and shopping experiences to support them in taking the next step in their career journey.

“T.J.Maxx believes women shouldn’t have to settle or make compromises, which is why we’re committed to supporting them as they embark on the journey to becoming themselves to the Maxx,” said Robyn Arvedon, Assistant Vice President of Marketing, T.J.Maxx. “Our hope is that by providing her with ongoing tools and resources that encourage her to take the time she needs to pursue her passions, she’ll feel empowered to live her most authentic life, unapologetically.”


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