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Sister Armor: Healing in Community Celebrates the Communal Healing Power of Women

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Brave Healer Productions is proud to announce the release of Sister Armor: Healing in Community, its new collaborative book helmed by lead author Tiffany Marie Boerner and featuring chapters written by 24 other accomplished women who share their wisdom. Boerner is the owner of Body and Soul Connection, creator of The ReConnective Way Healing Program, an evidential medium, a divine light channel and the former owner of Sister Armor Wellness, the business that started it all for her. 

Tiffany Marie Boerner (PRNewsfoto/Brave Healer Productions)

In a Message to the Reader contained in the book, Boerner writes: “There is deep healing when we share our stories. We’re witnessed. The story itself becomes armor that holds us up, sustains us, and allows us to organize the magnitude of our experience into meaning. When we share our truths that contain fear, struggle, and sadness and have our truth received and validated by other women, we heal. We’re allowing one another to see and hear one another. In this, we find the importance of also needing to hear other women’s stories in order to see and embrace our own.”

In addition to Boerner’s, readers will also hear the voices of Katya Lidsky, who wrote the foreword, Kimichelle Bain, Jen Bates, Mary Blanchard, Jill Ann Brooks, sekayi anika, Jenny Campanilla, Bonnie Casamassima, Jennifer Chavez, Megan Crouch, Kate Day Roosma, Vila Donovan, Ashley Hoobler, Nicole Jackson, Thais Krause, Mary Lloyd, Ellen Mathys, Kelbi McCumber Morris, Jordan O’Connor, Ana Palla, Janice Pouch, Bruja Carrie Liz Ramos, Wendie Veloz, Hayley Verney and Sheri Welsh

These experts write about recovering from perfectionism, healing through divorce, living an essential life, finding the wise warrior within and more.

Praise for Sister Armor

“This amazing book is an irreplaceable tool of comfort, connection and pure love, one that we can extend from ourselves out into the world. Feel the energy of the sisters, embrace the stories that intertwine with your own, and move forward as called. It’s an offering that lays at your feet. Don’t ignore its powerful message.”  Dianna Leeder CPCC/Intuitive Life Hack, Find Your Voice Healer certification trainer, author of Find Your Voice, Save Your Life

“Take this journey, sit with the words of a sister in the deepest essence of sisterhood, like a treasured BFF. You will receive gifts through this book and nurture places within you that are saying, yes, now sweet sister, you have always been deserving, lay aside your doubts. Tiffany Boerner and all these soulful authors stand in a circle of sacredness, honouring you as sisters of all ages, women who have your back, your heart and soul, and coo tenderly back to you, we are here with you, lovingly with strength.”  Lulu Trevena, author of Soul Blessings, quantum healer and soulful living coach

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