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Novel Based on Classic Slasher Film Coming From Stop The Killer

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An officially-licensed tie-in novel celebrating the classic 1981 horror film, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, is coming in early February 2023 from Stop The Killer Games.

Canada-based Cinépix green-lit the novel with a blessing from the movie’s director, George Mihalka, who has written the foreword. Mihalka’s film centers on a coastal mining town being menaced by a psycho wearing a coal miner’s suit, using a pickaxe to kill its residents.

Written by genre author, Armando Muñoz, with extensive input from Mihalka, My Bloody Valentine: The Novel tells the story from the original film but also includes deleted scenes, expanded character arcs, new characters, and other surprises for fans of the movie. The first edition features an extra chapter that will not be included in future printings, and will also be autographed by Muñoz and Mihalka. To pre-order a copy, visit

“Working closely with director George Mihalka has been exhilarating,” says Muñoz, “we are delivering the original, uncensored, expanded vision for MY BLOODY VALENTINE. Fans will be happy to know that there will be a lot of blood spilling in the pages of this book.”

“The original MY BLOODY VALENTINE continues to screen annually worldwide,” says Cinépix representative, Susan Curran. “The novel,” she says, “will give fans a new way to experience the whole story as it was meant to be told before it was censored in 1981.”

MY BLOODY VALENTINE is included in many “Best Slasher Movies” lists and has drawn a large fan following since its release. During an interview with EW, Quentin Tarantino said, “I love HALLOWEEN and all those. But as time’s gone on, I think MY BLOODY VALENTINE is my favorite.”

Stop The Killer Games primarily creates tabletop games based on popular slasher films, and is a partnership between the horror production company, MasiMedia, and the online horror-themed merchant, Fright Rags. My Bloody Valentine: The Novel is the company’s first foray into genre book publishing.

For more information about My Bloody Valentine: The Novel, visit

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