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Jimmy Jimenez’s New Book “Volleyfireball” Is An Intriguing Read That Portrays A Weird Volleyball Game With Inhumane Practices. USA – English 

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Recent release “Volleyfireball” from Page Publishing author Jimmy Jimenez is an interesting novel that gives insights on the dark and haunting sides of a certain volleyball competition.

Jimmy Jimenez, a creative individual who has worked in several films as an extra, has completed his new book “Volleyfireball”: an unconventional fiction written in script form. After being abandoned by their leader, theater acting became the bread and butter for a former Olympic medalist. Volleyball brought him recognition and filled his youth with happiness. Now, his team’s leader is luring him to participate in a volleyball competition. The mechanics of the game are somewhat terrifying and disturbing. Who even plays volleyball with fireballs? Is it even morally correct?

Jimenez shares, “This script is about former Olympic medalists in volleyball who were abandoned by their leader. Over time, they became theater comedians. His former leader returns to offer him to participate in volleyball competitions with the fireball, the highest mesh, and with high voltage, the widest court. The teams are made up of six men and a female called the queen. You have to take care of his hunter. He always receives the second pass and stays with the ball until he reaches the finisher. If one of those shots gives 100 percent force on the ground, it catches fire, burning the players.”

Published by Page Publishing, Jimmy Jimenez’s spine-tingling tale is about a man who finds himself fighting for his life inside the volleyball court. His one’s favorite place in the world has become a hunting ground filled with filthy people.

There’s also a Spanish edition published for this story.

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