Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Celebrity Hairstylist Johnny Wright Debuts New Book Natural & Curly Hair For Dummies

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Johnny Wright, Celebrity Hairstylist to clients like Former First Lady Michelle Obama and Tamron Hall, is excited to announce his first book in partnership with the bestselling For Dummies series. Natural & Curly Hair for Dummies is available now on Amazon and wherever books and eBooks are sold.

This book empowers readers on their natural and curly hair journey by taking them through the biology basics of natural and curly hair, sharing Wright’s favorite personal product recommendations, and providing insider pro tips for protecting and maintaining healthy hair. But what sets this book apart is that Wright goes beyond practical how-to steps and dos and donts; he offers his book as a space for the curly and natural hair community. Wright’s book is part instruction manual, part style maven, and part life guide that centers the curly and natural hair community in the spotlight.

“This book is a place to come together to learn, to teach, to heal, and to live your natural and curly hair life to the fullest,” Wright says. “Within these pages, you’ll find creation, inspiration, and celebration of our curly and natural hair community. In looking at what the CROWN Act, a law that prohibits discrimination based on hair style and hair texture, and what others in the community are doing for natural and curly hair, I hope this book adds my voice to the effort.”

Johnny Wright, Celebrity Hairstylist

Wright continues, “Beauty is really about reflecting our power in all aspects of ourselves, including our hair, without hiding or feeling shame. With this book, I am here to help people embrace their natural beauty in all its glory and build our community up.”

Johnny plans to embark on a nationwide book tour in 2023 teaching and guiding readers and consumers on the importance of caring for their natural and curly hair. To learn more about Johnny and to receive information on tour stops near you, please visit

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