Thursday, August 11, 2022

Andrea Morey’s New Book “Sabor A Ti” Is A Dark And Thrilling Read About A Widow With A Corrupted Perception Of Heroism.

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Recent release “Sabor A Ti” from Page Publishing author Andrea Morey is a gripping fiction that depicts how a traumatic event heavily impacted a woman’s sanity and turned her into someone whose viewpoints are seemingly crooked and destructive.

Andrea Morey, a Colombian native who has deep-seated love towards literature, has completed her new book “Sabor A Ti”: a perplexing tale about a widowed Latina, Ligia, and her twisted ways of saving lives. The intense grief from her husband’s death took a toll on her. In this emotionally charged story, Ligia takes the readers into her world filled with schemes, mysteries, death, and drugs.

Morey shares, “Ligia, a 40-year-old widowed Latina, decides to pay tribute to her deceased husband and wants to help save lives according to her distorted point of view.

Ligia does not recover from the sudden and tragic death of her husband and recounts her tragedy step by step, inserting us into her story that is full of mysteries, drugs, passions and death.

Despite her mental instability, she looks for a way to honor her lover by fulfilling a wish that he would have told her while he was still alive.

Based on that memory and with a deep pain in her heart, she creates a rather strange and unique plan that will make her a heroine but with an unexpected ending that will leave us all in a state of shock.”

Published by Page Publishing, Andrea Morey’s intriguing tale is a stirring opus that leaves everyone in great astonishment. The author knows when to insert the tension and how to sustain it. Her characters are also fun to analyze. 

This is definitely one of the great psychological reads nowadays.

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