Tuesday, August 16, 2022


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The most valuable NFT on Cardano, the race is on for the 17,420-carat emerald equine sculpture, providing proof of ownership of an exceedingly rare physical asset

ZAMARAD, an emerald equine sculpture, is in a class of its own in the world of blockchain-based assets.

The worth of this one-of-a-kind masterpiece of an equine’s head with eyes ablaze is immediately and compellingly apparent. Carved from the side of a mountain in Bahia by Brazilian-based artist Florinaldo Souza dos Santos, it is sculpted entirely of emerald – one of the rarest of its kind unearthed in recent history – in a matrix specimen of biotite, shale and crystal.

With a weight of 132 pounds and a total of 17,420 carats, a stone of such magnitude and value required of its sculptor an all-consuming amount of patience to achieve such perfection. It took dos Santos six months to painstakingly carve every detail.

“One mistake and you could jeopardize the entire stone,” he said.

The artisan’s efforts are well worth it: ZAMARAD’s majestic presence is commanding, its piercing eyes electrifying—  a cultural symbol of courage and freedom, of unbridled spirit and strength.

The ideal showcase for such a rarity: the exclusive world of Blockchain technology. ZAMARAD enters the blockchain platform Cardano, with a high-stakes NFT digital proof of ownership.

Befitting of this unique physical asset, the emerald equine sculpture will be offered in a reverse auction: Starting at 100 million ADA, the price will be reduced by 10,000 ADA every 10 minutes, until it reaches a total of 40 million ADA to then reset itself at 100 million ADA.

Currently sitting in a private art collection in Dubai, ZAMARAD’s origin, material, authenticity and provenance were scrupulously audited by multiple independent gemologists.

Full transparency – from official appraisals to escrow capability to documentation availability – ensures the integrity of the acquisition, with full control over the sculpture in both the digital and physical worlds. Fractionalization of the Zamarad NFT can offer the investor a savvy ROI option.

For the discerning art collector, NFT aficionado and investor, this once-in-a-lifetime race is the ultimate win.


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