Tuesday, August 16, 2022

World’s Largest Private Collection of Ancient Arms & Armor Will Reveal First-of-its-Kind Interactive 3D NFTs of its Rare Artifacts at NFT.NYC

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Hosted by The Knights Who Say Nah, the Exclusive Preview Gives Attendees a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Interact with Artifacts IRL – including the Famed Alexandria Sword – and Watch How They’ll Come to Life in the Metaverse 

The single largest private collection with many of the most important antique arms and armor has existed largely in secrecy – until now. On June 22nd, some of the rarest pieces in the world will travel to NYC to be on display for one night only at the exclusive preview hosted by The Knights Who Say Nah at The Explorers Club. Marquee items from the private collection – consisting of 6,000+ pieces across 50 countries, spanning 6,000 years – include the famed Harriet Dean Alexandria Sword that went missing for 72 years and an authentic Ulfberht sword, the same type of sword featured in the video game Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. These, among most of the other artifacts at the event, have never been available for public viewing. The event will debut the interactive 3D models of artifacts from the physical collection that will soon be released as NFTs.

Aware that the collection had never before been seen by the public, Nick Richey, its Keeper of Arms, started The Knights Who Say Nah to democratize access to its rare artifacts by digitizing the private collection through a series of NFT projects. The initial mint features PFP NFTs that represent different groups of ancient warriors and will be followed by a subsequent release of the cutting-edge 3D models. The project will debut in the summer of 2022.

While public interest in ancient arms and armor grows due to popular video games, like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and shows like Game of Thrones and Vikings: Valhalla, opportunities to see such pieces in person are limited. The Knights Who Say Nah aim to make these artifacts more accessible while supporting the institutions that educate the public on the history behind them. The minting and sales of the Knights NFT collections will support the purchase and donation of additional significant artifacts to museums and cultural institutions around the country. The Knights Who Say Nah hope to create opportunities for all to learn about the transformative cultures from the past in a never-before-seen Web3 format.

“We hope to open the door to a new way of experiencing some of the most impactful and influential artifacts from our past,” says Richey. “As we continue to shift to a Web3 world, our NFT collections will allow more people to learn about and interact with artifacts they otherwise would never have access to.”

Guests will have an exclusive first opportunity to view the rare artifacts in person, preview the NFT art, and join the guaranteed mint allowlist for The Knights Who Say Nah’s upcoming NFT collections. More information about The Knights Who Say Nah and the ancient artifacts from the private collection can be found at knightssaynah.com.

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