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“Mesmerizing” New Elena Van Kohn Collection Lands on Opensea, Taking NFT Art up a Level

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German painter Elena Van Kohn, noted for her Figurative Enigmatic Surrealism, has launched her new digital art collection, Dancing With Gravity, on Opensea. The critically acclaimed NFT art collection is available as fully digital masterpieces or original oil on canvas paintings.

According to art experts, Van Kohn’s newest collection gives a “fresh perspective” through a “provocative lens” on the world. The accompanying NFT artworks are also heralded as an “enigma of movement”.

Art Expert & Appraiser, Josh Levine is excited about the direction Van Kohn’s latest collection has taken. In anticipation of it shaking up the world of NFT artwork, he says, “Von Kohn’s latest series is both dynamic & mesmerizing. It is a non-conforming analog the NFT Art world has not yet seen.”

NFT art collectors and crypto-enthusiasts can purchase Dancing with Gravity, a collection of five digital art pieces, via Opensea, the first and biggest Web3 marketplace for NFTs and crypto collectibles.

The Principle of Escape

NFT Artwork Courting Controversy

Van Kohn may be one of the States’ most celebrated modern surrealist artists, but the Dancing with Gravity collection has not been free from controversy. While the paintings have been praised by art experts for their questioning, probing nature, others have called the pieces too provocative.

For Van Kohn, the controversy her work ignites is a testament to its ability to create discussion. She says, “I aim to give the viewer a speculative, meditative experience. Artists have always caused controversy. What are we if we don’t push people to think beyond their boundaries, subvert societal structures, and see life differently?

Van Kohn’s style incorporates elements of abstract impressionism and surrealism that has her mentioned alongside Munch, Cezanne, Dali, and Degas. Her foray into Opensea art brings the quality of NFT art up a level and Von Kohn’s pieces have become serious acquisitions for crypto-collectors.

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