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Jen Lewin Studio Unveils Transformative Public Art Installation: The Last Ocean

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The Last Ocean, an innovative and monumental public art installation by internationally recognized artist-engineer Jen Lewin, debuted at Burning Man this week. Awarded through the Black Rock City Honoraria program, The Last Ocean represents an exploration of the crisis of plastic pollution in the oceans, a warming planet, diminishing natural resources and the urgency to find a solution to these critical threats.

In line with Lewin’s previous work, which emphasizes the beauty of the natural world combined with human interactivity and the power of technology, The Last Ocean is a symbolic call to action on the fragility of ocean ecosystems and the growing effect of climate change. Working with Ocean Plastic Technologies, a South African-based company that is delivering a circular economy for ocean-bound and post-consumer plastics, Jen Lewin Studio was able to source over 10,912 pounds of recycled plastic and 9,268 pounds of glass fiber and recycled composites from coastal beach communities in South Africa to create The Last Ocean.

“Forged in dialog around climate change and sustainability, The Last Ocean not only seeks to inspire and educate but aids in the recovery of our planet,” said Jen Lewin. “I was inspired to create a transformative experience that brings awareness to the inescapable statistics pointing to the decline of our natural ecosystems. Through the creation of The Last Ocean, we hope to empower other artists to consciously create work in a sustainable manner.”

Jen Lewin Studio Unveils Transformative Public Art Installation: The Last Ocean

The process of creating The Last Ocean began in 2013 after Lewin was inspired by the book, “The Last Ocean: Antarctica’s Ross Sea Project: Saving the Most Pristine Ecosystem on Earth” by John Weller. The book included a series of photographs collected from Antarctica’s Ross Sea, influencing Lewin’s initial drawings to depict a large, fractured interactive ice field to spread information and awareness about the Ross Sea.

The 250 interlocking platforms of The Last Ocean illuminate over 70,000 RGB LED lights in millions of colors as participants move about the installation. As users are in motion, colors will swirl, catalyzing the dynamic experience of the work and representing the organic and powerful nature of our oceans. During the day, the installation highlights the transformation of recycled ocean plastic with a swirled surface of blue and white particulate. At night, the installation glows with vibrant, animated light, cycling through a rich palette of curated colors as participants interact with the artwork. Over the course of the exhibition, the light emanating from interactive platforms will begin to fade, prompting guests to think about their impact on the environment. This is all made possible through Lewin’s unique, in-house mesh network LED technology.

Following Burning Man, The Last Ocean will travel to exhibitions around the world – locations to be announced.

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