Thursday, August 11, 2022

Environmental Artist Isabel Varela Launches Sustainable Fashion Exhibit at ChaShaMa

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Sustainable multidisciplinary artist Isabel Varela will host her second solo art exhibition, Clothes: Minded and Repurposed, from August 11 – September 23, exposing audiences to the dangers of waste in the fashion industry and how her personal experiences helped shape her position as a passionate environmental activist. Varela has partnered on the event with ChaShaMa, an organization that helps create a more diverse and inclusive world for community-centric artists.

Clothes: Minded and Repurposed is a follow up to Varela’s debut solo art exhibit, Clothes: Minded, which ran in 2018 at the Caelum Gallery in NYC. The event featured Varela’s work alongside like-minded sustainable artists, working together to captivate the reality of wasteful fashion and what we as a community can do to help improve things. Clothes: Minded and Repurposed will build on her 2018 concept, highlighting fashion industry malpractices and sharing a variety of initiatives people can take to voice their support. The exhibit will feature mixed media pieces centered on these concepts, including: three 10-foot sculptures, one 10-foot x 10-foot sculpture, three 60 x 60 inch mixed media works, and three 40 x 40 inch mixed media paintings.

Varela’s main inspiration for the exhibit is her personal experience. She takes this space and opportunity to turn her pain, shame, and guilt into a powerful learning tool for others to help them transform and heal – which, in turn, heals our planet.

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