Thursday, June 30, 2022

Future Media Announces the Launch of House of Petals in the Metaverse, with Celebrity Memorabilia Including Eddie Van Halen Gifted Guitars

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NFTs are taking over the world without any signs of slowing down, so we’re not surprised that one of Hollywood’s celebrity sanctuaries is coming to life in the metaverse.

House Of Petals, was a flower shop by day and a celebrity community speak easy by night. An evening with fans and artists alike was nothing short of MAGICAL, which is what this team is bringing to the Metaverse. An enchanting experience that will never be the same twice. With their initial minting of 5,150 membership tokens, owners will get early access, guestlisting, a chance to get physical Eddie Van Halen memorabilia, custom guitars and special access to House Of Petals as their roadmap develops over the next two years.

This is just the first step, leading the metaverse road to the House of Petals Flower & Guitar drop set for Q2 2022. The HOP launch will also include exclusive “party favor” airdrops.

Late legendary guitarist, Eddie Van Halen dedicated two very special guitars to House of Petals, which he graced with his legendary House of Petals flowers. This was done as a thank you to HOP for the safe place provided to him as he frequented the lounge along with many industry friends over the years, including Hollywood’s culture kings and queens like Tone Loc, Halle Berry, Farrah Fawcett and Sean Penn.

“Through this project, I want to bring back that feeling of love and collaboration. I want to recreate the raw creative energy that really fuels the art and music world.” Joey House, House of Petals Founder

Building House of Petals in the metaverse will allow us to really emphasize the magical moments shared by way of some very special party favors and ability to never have the same experience twice.

After the House of Petals membership minting, artists from Disney and other studios will be producing flowers and guitars as avatars for a coming metaverse venue.

Furthermore, the team intends to fuse metaverse and real-world together with actual Hollywood events and parties that will be exclusively for the NFT holders and HOP Discord community.

Members of the community are going to also receive special access to the meta-venue, its events, greenroom hangouts with artists, players, influencers, and many surprise utilities rolling out before and after this first NFT mint.

Duquan Brown of Future Media, HOP project lead and former marketing executive from the music industry, is focused on establishing legacy and the art of music in the metaverse in leading this project.

“What we are doing is historic. Now we will be able to share this experience with the WORLD. We want to memorialize the energy of the legendary speakeasy, through the Metaverse, but with a futuristic drip. We will be bold and have off the wall never the same twice experiences each time you enter the House of Petals.”

Carrie Lyn of Global Management Group is developing the House of Petals NFT roadmap and partnerships, focusing on bringing long-term value to NFT holders.

In honor of all that Eddie has done and in support of what he stood for, a portion of the NFTs will be donated toward initiatives that directly affected Eddie and his mission. They include the City of Hope for cancer treatment and research, Eric Clapton’s rehab center Crossroads, and a national high school tour, providing guitar and piano lessons to underprivileged music students.

Francesco Kozerski “HOP team” member has been directing the brand development and as a former metal guitarist is also looking forward to playing one of these very special guitars.

“The House of Petals project is a fantasy in an absolute waking dreamworld. This meta-project makes me question my reality every day because it’s just that amazing. This level of access utility is honestly very much priceless. Our community is driven by the Hollywood legends, rock stars, and fine art that are all swirled into this ‘Golden Ticket’ type experience; it’s just never been done before.”

These NFT’s will undoubtedly have Eddie Van Halen fans standing in virtual lines. Fans and NFT collectors will have their chance to be a part of the House Of Petals scene starting this month, when the first of the four flowers begins it’s guestlist process; a digital guestlist that you must be on to acquire one of the NFT’s.

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