Sunday, October 2, 2022


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Companies have hired Quiet Events to create free family fun events across New York City

Quiet Events Inc has been contracted by several organizations such as the New York City Parks Department, Lincoln Center, and many others to supply Silent Disco headphones for dance parties.

These parties are unlike any other because there are three live DJs playing different music, all at the same time! You can switch between each DJ and the headphones change color indicating which you are jamming to.

“As people emerge from the pandemic and have begun to enjoy entertainment, the city needs more events that can bring people from different generations, nationalities, and music taste together”, says William Petz, Founder and CEO of Quiet Events.

Why are Silent Disco’s so much fun?

–          It’s very social: When you put the headphones on, you’re automatically part of a group singing and dancing to the same tune.
–          Music for everyone: With three channels of music, you can play 70’s disco on one, sing-a-longs from the 80’s and 90’s on another, and Hip Hop or Latin on the third.
–          No noise complaints: These can be hosted anywhere like a park, beach, or in the middle of a residential buildings. Neighbors, both commercial and residential, appreciate that there is no music blaring.
–          Addresses COVID concerns:  Since the Quiet Events headphones broadcasts up to 1,500 feet you can feel safe socially distancing, yet still feel like you’re part of the party.
–          It’s interactive show: The DJs battle it out for people to listen to them. They talk to the crowd trying to get them to get others to switch to their channel.

About the company

Quiet Events, is a nationwide Silent Disco headphone rental and event planning company that has been operating since 2012. The entertainment concept is simple and very engaging but is something best experienced not described. In short, party-goers get special headphones they can change between 3 Live DJs by flipping a switch, this also changes the LED colors of the headphones. Headphones can be rented for a party at home or a huge gathering of thousands.

IVOX NEWS :: SOURCE Quiet Events Inc.

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