Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Top American Gamer Celebrity Jerome Backs The gDEX Metaverse With His 9 million Followers

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The revolutionary Play to Earn gaming platform www.gDEXmetaverse.com (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange) today revealed that star gamer Jerome ASF is a key Advisor at gDEX in an initiative to build the platform that not only exceeds expectations but builds endless possibilities for all. gDEX has already created major ripples in the Metaverse with its one-of-a-kind offering to gamers, creators, and guilds.

As an Advisor to the gDEX, Jerome brings his vast experience and understanding of the gaming industry’s many nuances, the gaps yet to be addressed, the impact that gDEX can have on mainstream gaming, and in charting a future roadmap for the platform along with other visionaries.

“We are incredibly proud  of this partnership with Jerome. His unique style inspires our teams to further push the limits on user experience and in solving several unmet needs of the gaming community. The gDEX team is set to change the way gamers, creators and guilds engage with the multiverse in the play to earn world,” said J.D. Salbego, Founder & CEO, gDEX Multiverse. Jerome ASF (Jerome Aceti) continues to be a massive online gaming celebrity, with multiple YouTube channels attracting millions of subscribers and fans. Jerome’s engaging content includes gaming videos, unique challenges, and interactions. His  huge fan base is in awe of the excellent gaming strategies that he shares with them from time to time, which most of them find hard to crack. His channels are packed with high entertainment quotients and have played a key role in fueling the gaming culture with such vigor.

When asked about his new advisory role, Jerome said, “I am so excited to be an advisor for the gDex platform! I believe it will define the future of gaming and drive us into the future of web3.”

Jerome’s 9 million-strong followers and 2 billion+ content views are a clear testimony of his leadership in the industry. Joining in as an Advisor, Jerome has placed his trust, and that of his followers, into gDEX’s transformative vision for the gaming industry.

About the Gaming Icon, Jerome ASF:

Jerome’s YouTube career began over 14 years ago with a vlog channel started with friends. Quickly he transitioned to his true passion of gaming, rapidly growing an audience 10 years ago on the game Minecraft. Over the years he has been able to work with many AAA brands across a variety of genres. Jerome runs separate channels for variety gaming and Roblox. He brings to these channels the same excitement and vigor that has driven his career for 14 years.

Jerome’s established following is also the gDEX metaverse’s potential user base – from established game studios with existing titles looking to tokenize their gaming assets into NFTs and use a robust tokenized gaming economy, to game developers who want to create whole casual games from the ground up, to gamers seeking reward-driven gaming NFTs in the open metaverse.


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