Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Top Model and Soprano, Monika Spruch, Announces the Launch of Catwalk Opera

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Famous former runway model Monika Spruch is once again setting fire to runways all around the world with her new and unique act. Now a certified soprano, Monika is combining opera singing and runway modeling to create a unique live performance experience called ‘Catwalk Opera’.

Catwalk Opera’s team of renowned music composers and DJs, along with Monika’s operatic voice, provide a one-of-a-kind experience for events or fashion shows through customized musical pieces and incredible performances.

Monika’s musical style as a ‘contemporary opera’, take inspiration from the traditional styles but also adds modern touches to make it unique, current, and fun.

Each Catwalk Opera experience is custom-tailored to the fashion show, charity event, or brand’s theme. Catwalk Opera offers a variety of packages adapted to each occasion. From the ‘Exclusive’ to ‘Duo’ to ‘VIP’ to ‘V-VIP’, each package is designed to provide an award-winning performance and a bespoke experience to the audiences.

“My team of award-winning music composers, DJs and I are always excited to provide each client with their own sensational show-stopping musical experience that represents their fashion show, corporate brand, cause, or occasion. We have planned spectacular entertainment events for well-known brands, charities and personalities and look forward to work with more,” says Spruch.

Monika has performed this summer at prestigious classic musical concerts across Italy at historic sites including Terrazza Castello di Verrazzano, Piazza Francesco Ferrucci and Piazzetta S. Croce in Tuscany. Spruch’s next U.S. performances include Festa Italia to be held in Monterey, California.

Catwalk Opera’s entertainment packages, performance calendar, and booking information are available on its official website at

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