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Lifetime Channel Premieres Powerful Anti Sex Trafficking Film 3/26/22

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 Veteran movie Producer Julia Verdin announced today that the Lifetime Channel premiere of her film “The Lost Girls” will be on Saturday, March 26, 2022 at 8pm EST. The film shows the harrowing story of 17-year-old Angie who was befriended by a good looking teen new to her area promising to help her music career and lured into a sex trafficked ring.

Verdin, owner of is known for successful films such as “The Merchant Of Venice”, “Stander”, and “2 Jacks”, studded with Academy Award Winning actors as well as producing a host of other great films, directed and wrote “The Lost Girls”.

After volunteering at a runaway children’s shelter and meeting many teenage survivors of trafficking, Verdin became emotionally connected to the cause of fighting for justice for them. This drove her passion to produce, direct and write the film in hopes of making a difference.

“Church groups do a lot to help survivors of trafficking,” stated Verdin. “When I was doing my research and talking to trafficking survivors, many of them told me that a big turning point in their recovery was reconnecting with their faith.”

Verdin, who is also the President and founder of, says that her hope is that if teenagers, parents and those working with youth can start to understand the signs of a teen being groomed by a trafficker, that teens could be saved from years of hell and trauma. To Verdin, education and awareness is everything. These traffickers prey on innocence and vulnerability. Verdin says they must be stopped.

For more information, please contact Julia Verdin at [email protected] or by phone at (323)848-2900.

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