Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Tune In To The John Tesh Radio Show On KWXY Music Radio Palm Springs

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After more than four decades at the forefront of television journalism and the music industry, Tesh began broadcasting “The John Tesh Radio Show”. Since 1999, the show has evolved to millions of listeners on over 300 radio stations across the USA, the UK, and around the world on American Forces Radio Network.

The John Tesh Radio Show features a unique combination of real-life knowledge, expert advice, and conversation starters on a variety of subjects. With 6 Emmy awards, 4 gold albums and an AP award for investigative journalism John Tesh has received international recognition as an award-winning journalist, composer, broadcaster, and concert pianist.

John’s highly successful career includes six years as a correspondent for CBS News, ten years as an anchor on Entertainment Tonight, a broadcast host and music composer for the Barcelona and Atlanta Olympic Games, as well as induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame. “We created the Intelligence for your Life brand with the aim of curating high-level intelligence in key areas related to personal development, health & wellness, dating & relationships, productivity, finances, and pets. Our battle cry for more than two decades has been: If it makes you better, healthier, happier or just more interesting, you’ll hear it on the John Tesh Radio Show.

I believe the show has built such a powerful tribe because we have always stayed true to the purpose-driven mission of ‘moving people forward.’ We created the brand not to entertain, but instead to enrich the lives of our loyal listeners and viewers.” John Tesh.

Listen to “The John Tesh Radio Show” Monday to Friday on KWXY Music Radio.

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