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 In honor of the 110th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, E/M Group and RMS Titanic, Inc. have announced the TITANIC 110th Speaker Series. This two-day event will take place on the anniversary of the sinking, April 14-15, 2022, at the TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition Private Event Space in Orlando. For two days, guests can enhance their experience to learn more about Titanic. Guest speakers include:

Bill Sauder
Director of Titanic Research, RMS Titanic, Inc.  
Mr. Sauder has spent more than 36 years contributing to the historical facts behind Titanic’s construction, her builders, and the culture that created her.

Charles Haas
President, Titanic International Society
Charlie is a co-founder of the Titanic International Society and a longtime trustee and a participant in three expeditions to the wreck site.

Alexandra “Alex” Klingelhofer 
Conservator of Record, RMS Titanic, Inc. 
Alex Klingelhofer has overseen care of the Titanic artifact collection for 12 years.

Jeffrey Taylor 
Director of Collections, E/M Group
Jeff oversees the storage and handling of the Titanic artifact collection and enjoys all aspects of object and artifact care. 

Frank Goldsmith, Jr. 
Survivor Descendant  
Frank Goldsmith, Jr. was told the story by his grandmother and his father, both survivors of the tragedy that took the life of his grandfather.

Bill Willard
Titanic Researcher, Author
Bill Willard has been a Titanic researcher for 48 years and was a member of the 1998 Titanic Expedition to raise the Big Piece.

Paul-Henry (PH) Nargeolet 
Director of Underwater Research, RMS Titanic, Inc.
P.H. is considered the leading authority on the wreck site having led several expeditions to Titanic, completed 35 dives in the submersible himself, and supervised the recovery of 5,000 artifacts.

Rory Golden  
Diver, Speaker, Explorer
Rory Golden became the first Irish diver to visit the wreck site in August 2000 leaving behind a memorial plaque on the wreck on behalf of the people of Ireland.

William Lange 
Director Advanced Imaging & Visualization, RMS Titanic, Inc.
Bill, a world-renowned expert in underwater imaging, was the first person to see the RMS Titanic wreck in 1985.   Bill led the 2010 mapping survey which resulted in the first accurate map of the wreck site and the development of dozens of photomosaics.

“We are so proud to be able to offer such an incredibly knowledgeable panel to the public in honor of the 110th anniversary of this tragic event.  The series represents (what we hope to be) the first of many events in our Orlando venue.”

 -Jessica Sanders CEO, E/M Group, President, RMS Titanic, Inc. 

Full details can be found at https://titanicorlando.com/titanic-110th-anniversary-conference/

Full Bios:  https://www.emgroup.com/titanic-110th-anniversary-speaker-series/

Tickets available now!

E/M Group’s affiliate RMS Titanic, Inc. (“RMST”), serves as the salvor-in-possession of the wreck site of the RMS Titanic which tragically sank on April 15, 1912. The Company is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Ship, wreck site and all her passengers and crew.

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