Sunday, October 2, 2022

Yogi Aaron Reveals The #1 Yoga Pose That Should Never Be Done in the Stop Stretching Podcast Come Sept 13

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The practice of Yoga has been around since the dawn of man — however, the mainstream western yoga that has become increasingly popular in the past decade or so is preaching practices that wreak havoc on the human body and increase pain rather than alleviate it. Yogi Aaron, one of the industry’s most notable instructors has dedicated his career to dispelling myths in modern yoga and ushering in a new era of yoga designed to help individuals live a pain-free life and master their bodies.

In his hit podcast Stop Stretching, Yogi Aaron is exposing the dangers of common yoga poses, and the common misconceptions in the industry, and dispelling the idea that stretching muscles is a healthy and productive practice. In his latest episode, releasing September 13th, Yogi Aaron is revealing the number one yoga pose that should never be done — despite it being a crowd favorite.

When one’s muscle is tight or displays an almost comical range of flexibility, what is the response from onlookers? “You need to stretch,” right? Contrary to popular belief, modern yoga poses and stretching cause harm and increase the probability of injury rather than alleviate pain. What it all boils down to is physiology. What happens when a muscle is overstretched? Muscles lose their ability to contract and contract on demand, which in turn can create irreparable damage.

“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Inflexibility is not a sign that muscle needed to be “stretched,” but rather muscle tightness is actually a sign that is muscular instability and that a group of muscles were not contracting properly…We are no longer focusing on stretching, but instead, activating and stabilizing.”

Modern yoga is centered around a handful of popular poses that leave consumers convinced that they are helping their bodies, alleviating their pain, and increasing flexibility. Unfortunately, the most common poses hyped by mainstream media may be the most detrimental to the health and functionality of the body.

In episode six of the Stop Stretching podcast, Yogi Arron unveils the ugly truth about the common pose that should never be performed while offering an alternative functional approach strategically designed to improve stability, and flexibility, and alleviate pain.

“Pain does not have to be a part of your life. There was a time when I believed that I would no longer be able to do the things I love, like hiking and exercising because of my pain – but I was wrong. I am here to tell you that LIFE does NOT have to be this way.”

Dedicated to cultivating an industry of empowered individuals, Yogi Aaron continues to dispel common myths and rewrite the narrative around functional yoga to provide comfort, peace, and relief through a new and improved yogic approach.


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