Tuesday, July 5, 2022

“The Purple Principle” Podcast Visits California: Narrowly Governed, Broadly Challenged

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The Purple Principle, an award-winning podcast, today announced the debut of “These Not So United States: California,” a three-part mini-series on that big blue state with nation-sized challenges.

The special series brings on LA-based NPR veteran Barbara Bogaev as co-host with creator Robert Pease, a lifelong political independent, talking all things polarization with some of the state’s most insightful politicos. Episode 1 premiered on California’s primary day, June 7th, with new episodes releasing through the end of the month.

Episode Dates and Descriptions:

Episode 1One Golden State, Two Democratic Parties: “California is still a two-party state,” says special guest Daniel Schnur, USC Professor and former independent candidate. “It just so happens they’re both Democratic parties.”

Author and geographer Joel Kotkin then views California’s challenges through an economic lens. “In the past, middle class and working class people trying to improve their lives came to California,” he observes. “I don’t think they come any more for that.”

Episode 2, California Primaries by Faction & Tortilla: LA Times columnist and podcast host Gustavo Arellano discusses crime rates, media spin, and “rancho libertarianism” while dissecting 2022 California primary results.

Episode 3 (launching June 28): Kristin Olsen describes the rise and fizzle of her moderate Republican “New Way California” effort while satirist Andrew Heaton provides some well-informed comic relief. “I have some really nice things to say about California electoral reform,” says the author of Los Angeles is Hideous: Poems About an Ugly City. “And some horrible things to say about the zoning laws.”

Concluding the series, former 9-term Congress member Leon Panetta bemoans increasingly divisive one-party thinking in Washington and Sacramento. “A lot of critical problems in California,” says Panetta, a life-long Democrat, ” are not being addressed in a bipartisan way.”

Can a one-party, two-faction system effectively govern the hugely diverse Golden State? Listen to this mini-series on California for less partisan yet fully-engaged discussion from The Purple Principle.

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