Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Pacaso Launches “Second Home” Podcast Featuring Revealing Conversations with Celebrities About the Real Estate They Own, and What It Means to Them

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Pacaso, the leading technology-enabled real estate marketplace that helps people buy and co-own a luxury second home, today released its inaugural podcast, called “Second Home,” where celebrities, athletes, tastemakers, influential entrepreneurs and more reveal how they live an enriched life and the role their second home plays in it.

The first episode features GRAMMY award-winning singer, songwriter, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Ciara, who speaks about her family’s business schedules and the importance of their second home. “I always tell Russ: Babe, I can live in a shack, as long as I’m living with you,” she says, speaking of the joy she finds in being together in a cozy and familiar place with her family. Ciara goes on to talk about how the family approached purchasing a new home in Denver and looks forward to off-seasons at their “happy place” in San Diego where they enjoy visits to the San Diego Zoo, local beaches and date nights at the Hotel del Coronado.

The first episode of “Second Home” by Pacaso features GRAMMY award-winning singer, songwriter, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Ciara, who speaks about her family’s business schedules and the importance of their second home.

Other noteworthy guests in Season One of “Second Home” include: actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Eva Longoria; point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers John Wall; 16-season NFL quarterback Alex Smith; fitness and wellness pioneer Tracy Anderson; athlete and motivational coach Alex Toussaint; in addition to the well-known Jordyn Woods, Montell and Kristin Jordan, and Arie Luyendyk.

In an upcoming episode, Eva Longoria shares that her favorite room in a home is the kitchen: “There’s so much laughter that fills the kitchen and not just for holidays, but everyday life. The conversations about your day are usually had in the kitchen.”

“Vulnerability is actually an ultimate strength. The ability to be vulnerable and express yourself is actually an ultimate strength versus a weakness,” said Alex Toussaint in his episode, highlighting the advice guests offered when discussing their life journeys.

The podcast is hosted by real estate lifers, second home connoisseurs and long-time friends, Pacaso Senior Vice President of New Development Lucy Wohltman and Pacaso Chief Revenue Officer Andreas Madsen who guide conversations to help the audience gain unique insights into each of the guests.

“You can learn so much about people by talking to them about their second home,” said Wohltman. “Second homes are places where people can really be themselves. It’s where they’ve realized a lifelong dream fulfilled, where they connect with their loved ones, and where they go to create new memories. For people who live on the road or move frequently, it may be the constant in their lives.”

“The home tells the story about who they are,” added Madsen. “Lucy and I decided to do this podcast because we have these intriguing conversations all of the time where we learn so much, not just about people but advice we can incorporate into our lives, and we wanted to share that with a wider audience.”

“Second Home” new episodes are released bi-weekly. The podcast is available to listen on Pacaso’s websiteSpotifyApple Podcasts and other major podcast platforms.


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