Thursday, August 11, 2022

No Tick No Tape: Vegas Coin Dealer, Founder of the “Coin It” Podcast Will Begin Auctions on Rare Coins and Bars

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Hosted by Founder and Chief Numismatist Charles Jonath, the “Coin It” Podcast Breathes New Life into the Traditional Asset Class

In 2022 it is safe to say that anything can happen and anything can be unpredictable. From the market to the economy, social issues, world health, and everything in between; certainty is no longer a guarantee. However, no matter how crazy the world may seem, some things simply stand the test of time. “Traditional” assets like rare coins and rare bars are on the rise and Vegas Coin Dealer is at the forefront of this trend, now auctioning rare coins and bars and keeping the public informed with the Coin It Podcast.

Featuring some of the industry’s top minds, the Coin It Podcast, hosted by Vegas Coin Dealer Founder and Chief Numismatist Charles Jonath, dives into tangible assets, the new normal, strategic coin collecting, paper money, bullion, art, and much much more. Guests include Tommy Haines of Stacking NYC, Greg Cohen of Legend Auctions, Roxana Uskali of Heritage Auctions, Michael “Miles” Standish and many more who offer up their unparalleled expertise in various areas to help listeners understand the industry, and how they can leverage rare coins to tern their hobby into sound investments.

Charles Jonath helps listeners understand the psychology of a collector, what to look for, how to understand different types of tangible assets, and how to become a master of the craft.

“The network that I have developed over the years, both due to my professional life and my personal and family relationships, is extensive, and it is a key driving factor in the consistency with which I come into rare coins. Bringing me immense joy every day, coin collecting is a pursuit unlike any other, connecting us with the past and affording us a glimpse into those who came before us – people who used money of their own and lived lives of their own. In every coin, there is a story, and that is what I love about them.” – Charles Jonath

Vegas Coin Dealer, Las Vegas’ premier coin dealer is also proud to announce that it will be holding new upcoming auctions of rare coins, vintage coins, and rare bars coming September 30th 2022 to be run in conjunction with the long beach coin expo. Coins will include high-end coins at small lot sizes, featuring Early Proofs, Pioneer Gold, Classic American Type Coins & Rare Vintage Bars from small silver refiners and producers etc.

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