Sunday, October 2, 2022

Mangia Launches Season One of New Podcast, Success from Anywhere, on Topics Surrounding the Future of Work

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Karen Mangia, Salesforce Executive and Future of Work expert, today launches her new podcast, Success from Anywhere. An appetite for innovation and Future of Work insights intersects as Mangia chats with everyone from entrepreneurs to executives who are driving disruption and creating a Renaissance of Work. The first episode of the biweekly show, produced by TGC Worldwide, launches today on all podcast platforms.

In Success from Anywhere, Mangia and guests go behind the scenes to discover what’s new, now, and next in the world of work and challenge the traditions of what it means to live well and to work well. The show is run in partnership with Robin, the industry-leading flexible workplace platform.

The eight-episode First Season focuses on the future of The Office, questioning whether everybody really has to convene in the conference room to collaborate. Select guests include Kate Clifford, CHRO of Accenture NA; Donna Letier, Co-Founder of Gardenuity; and David Horsager, author and CEO of Trust Edge Leadership Institute.

Season Two will focus on the 9-to-5 Culture and whether working this way is still the way to make a living. Season Three will take us deep into Silicon Valley, beyond Brotopia, hoodies, and avocado toast to discover starts ups disrupting the world of work.

“Success is not a location. It’s not a job title or a number in your bank account,” says Mangia. “It might just be one step away – especially when you take ownership of your own success. That is the throughline of Success from Anywhere.”

Find all episodes by clicking here or search “Success from Anywhere” on your preferred podcast service.


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