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Latest Vodcast “Dating is Such a Drag” Encourages Singles to “Fly their Freak Flag” to Find Love

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Celebrity Love Coaches Spill the Tea on Dating for Grownups Tired of Games and Holding Back

Dating for successful people of a certain age can be a drag, since they don’t have time to waste on games and are exhausted from “dimming their light” on dates so others feel comfortable.

The co-hosts of the new “Dating is Such a Drag” vodcast/podcast—celebrity dating coach Jeanne Sullivan Billeci, The Soul Mate Coach, and celebrity drag queen/leadership coach Marcus Hunter-Neill, a.k.a. Lady Portia DiMonte—have some counter-intuitive advice for these daters—STOP HOLDING BACK and START FLYING YOUR FREAK FLAG to find a partner who supports and elevates you.

Photo Credit :: Jeanne Sullivan Billeci

“Many of my dating clients have fabulous careers and social circles but feel frustrated their dates are intimidated or want to ride their coattails,” said Sullivan Billeci, author of Be the Soul Mate You Want to Attract. “They wind up toning themselves down or neglecting their needs to lift others up, so they always get the short end of the stick in relationships.”

It’s not just people who identify as women, either, says Hunter-Neill.

“As a gay man who happens to be a drag artist as well as a coach, people I dated in the past were often intimidated by my ‘large life’ while others thought that my alter ego was ‘too much,’ for them,” said Hunter-Neill. “Jeanne and I encourage clients to ‘live out loud. We’re both ‘a little too much,’ so we’re the perfect team for this podcast!”

Photo Credit :: Jeanne Sullivan Billeci

The first episode of the show, which features guest experts and letters from listeners seeking advice, dropped today as a Vodcast on YouTube and a podcast on various platforms such as SpotifyStitcher, and iTunes. The first episode talks about the most trending dating issue today—scammers—sparked by recent streaming hits like The Tinder Swindler and Inventing Anna. Special guest mindfulness coach Brenda Shankey shares how she was nearly got scammed and how the learnings helped her attract her fiancé. The hosts share how to spot scammers, and stop shaming victims.

“I had a psychiatrist client who had been scammed and was so embarrassed she gave up dating and didn’t report it,” said Billeci. “That’s why scammers often get away with it. The important thing to realize is that nearly anyone can be scammed if caught at a vulnerable time with a skilled approach.”

Photo Credit :: Jeanne Sullivan Billeci

The second episode airs March 15 and covers what flying your freak flag really means, and why it helps attract the right partner. The third episode on March 22 features sex coach Tazima Parris, covering boundaries in and out of the bedroom.

The show is offered in vodcast format to show they walk their authenticity talk; Marcus is in spectacular drag and Jeanne gets draggy with her glitter berets, funky eyeglasses, and leopard throne. “Once you reach a certain age, it’s exhausting to play a watered-down version of you so others are comfortable,” said Hunter-Neill. “Go where you’re celebrated—not just tolerated!”

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