Thursday, August 11, 2022

On This Day :: July 24

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1923 – The Treaty of Lausanne was signed between Turkey and the allied powers. Turkey gave up all claims to non-Turkish territories lost in World War One.

1936 – Britain’s “Talking Clock” launched.

1993 – Russia’s central bank announced a drastic reform of its monetary system, saying all banknotes issued up to the end of 1992 would be withdrawn from circulation.

2001 – Bulgaria’s parliament approved the former King Simeon II as the new prime minister. Simeon Saxe-Coburg is the only ex-monarch to regain power in post-communist Europe.

2001 – Pre-dawn attack by Tamil Tiger rebels at Sri Lanka’s international airport leaves at least 18 dead.

2004 – Forest fires in Marseille region of France sweeps across 200 hectares of pine forest.

2005 – Richard Doll, the British scientist whose research first established the link between smoking and lung cancer, died aged 92.

2006 – Global free trade talks at Geneva, billed as a once-in-a-generation chance to boost growth and ease poverty, collapsed after nearly five years of haggling.

2007 – Six foreign medics convicted of deliberately infecting hundreds of Libyan children with HIV were freed after a partnership deal between Tripoli and the European Union ended their eight-year ordeal.

2010 – Volunteers in Latvia attempt to create the longest uninterrupted flower carpet.

2013 – At least 35 people killed when train derails on outskirts of northern Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela, in one of the country’s worst rail disasters.

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