Thursday, January 20, 2022

On This Day :: January 8

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1926 – Abdul Aziz ibn Saud became King of the Hejaz, which he announced would be called Saudi Arabia.

1941 – British Army officer and boy scout founder Robert Baden-Powell dies.

1991 – Pan Am, one of the oldest U.S. airlines and a pioneer of transatlantic and Pacific routes, sought bankruptcy protection, a victim of federal deregulation of the industry.

2003 – U.S. Airways Express crash in North Carolina.

2004 – Queen attends naming ceremony of largest ocean liner.

2004 – Elvis impersonator Shezad Eikmeier sets new world record for longest solo singing marathon.

2010 – World’s largest serving of hummus in Arab-Israeli town of Abu Gosh.

2010 – Togo’s national soccer team attacked in ambush while travelling to African Nations Cup in Angola.

2014 – World’s largest sushi mosaic made in Hong Kong.

2016 – Germany re-publishes “Mein Kampf”.

2018 – World’s first hybrid smart watch displayed in Las Vegas.

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