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On This Day :: January 14

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1923 – Funeral for King Constantine I of Greece.

1953 – Marshal Josip Broz Tito was elected first president of the Republic of Yugoslavia.

1957 – Humphrey Bogart, whose films included “The Maltese Falcon” and “Casablanca”, died; he won an Oscar for his role in “The African Queen”.

1993 – British boxer Lennox Lewis holds his WBC heavyweight champion belt for the first time after former holder Riddick Bowe relinquished the title.

2003 – Tens of thousands demonstrated in Nicosia in the biggest demonstration in Turkish Cypriot history, demanding an end to decades of isolation.

2004 – President Bush outlined a dramatic shift in U.S. space policy targeting a return to the moon and eventual manned mission to Mars.

2004 – Georgia restores national “five-cross flag” after 500 year hiatus.

2008 – Experts at the Heidelberg University library say dated notes scribbled in the margins of a book by its owner in October 1503 confirm once and for all that Lisa del Giocondo was indeed the model for the “Mona Lisa” in Leonardo da Vinci’s famous portrait.

2009 – Actor Ricardo Montalban, best known as the debonair and mysterious Mr. Roarke on the popular television series “Fantasy Island”, died.

2011 – Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali flees after mass protests.

2012 – First graduation ceremony at Opray Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls outside Johannesburg, South Africa.

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