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Resident Evil Season 1

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Streaming July 14th

Moving to a new town can be a little stressful. You’ve got a new house, new school, new classmates, new… zombies? When the Wesker family relocates to New Raccoon City in the upcoming Resident Evil TV series, they have to deal with all of the above. As the trailer puts it, “I really think you guys are going to love it here.” We’ll see about that!

The new series doesn’t exactly follow the narratives of any of the popular video games or film franchise entries, but it shares quite a few key characteristics. Namely, a strong female lead fighting for survival, a sinister Umbrella Corporation pulling the strings and plenty of gnarly monsters looking for a human-sized meal along the way. 

Resident Evil — the horror franchise’s first live-action series — intercuts between two parallel stories, one set before the apocalypse and one set after. Both halves follow Jade Wesker (Ella Balinska), who is haunted by the loved ones she lost to the T-Virus — as well as by her father Albert Wesker’s (Lance Reddick, the elegant concierge from the John Wick films) ties to the Umbrella Corporation. The series also stars Tamara Smart, Siena Agudong, Adeline Rudolph and Paola Nuñez.

If you’re looking to scratch that Raccoon City itch before the new series hits Netflix, the Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness anime series is streaming right now. And keep an eye out for any secrets the trailer may have to offer dedicated fans. Resident Evil starts streaming on July 14. 

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