Tuesday, July 5, 2022

World Environment Day with Short Films

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SSFF & ASIA Announces: “Penthouse” for the Save the Earth! Minister’s Award, the Ministry of the Environment

“Present for Future” for the J-WAVE Award

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA), one of Asia’s largest international short film festivals accredited by the Academy Awards®︎, has announced the winner of the “Save the Earth!” Competition. The winning shorts of the Minister of the Environment Award and the J-WAVE Award, will be announced and screened on the SSFF & ASIA website on June 5, 2022 (JST).

Save the Earth! (The Minister of the Environment Award) will be presented to “Penthouse” (dir. Vegard Dahle & Line Klungseth Johansen), a Norwegian film that depicts the collapse of humanity through the story of a couple who lives in a flooded world, and the Save the Earth! (J-WAVE Award) will be “Present for Future”(Dir: Shamir Raiapov), a short, one-minute film from Kyrgyzstan with a breathtaking storyline. 

Both films will be available online.
SSFF & ASIA established the “Stop! Global Warming Competition” in 2008 in cooperation with the “Challenge 25 Campaign” for the prevention of global warming, and was reborn as the “Save the Earth! Competition.” From 2020, the festival has expanded the “Save the Earth!” Competition to include more diverse global issues.

『Present for Future director:Shamir Raiapov /1:00 / Kirgizstan / Drama / 2021 Amanda is walking in the forest. She is enjoying the beauty of nature, listening to sounds of stream, jumping around. She finds a rabbit on her way and wants to hold him. Then suddenly…

We hope that the drama depicted in the short films of these award-winning shorts will create an opportunity for people to become more aware of the situation the earth is currently facing and to share their hopes for the future.

Comment from the director of “Pent House” : It is a pleasure to receive this award. With rapid climate change and other environmental disasters, in order to save the earth, I think we should change our way of life. This story tells us our mistakes and I hope that you can reflect somethings on yourself through this film.

Comment from the director of “Present for Future”: I am beyond grateful to receive this award. I made this film from the urgent need to do something about the environment regardless of what race gender ethnicity you are. 

SSFF & ASIA 2022 has started and more than 185 short films are globally streamed at the Online Venue till June 20th

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