Tuesday, August 16, 2022

New Documentary, SUPERSPREADER, Follows the Worship Leader Who Championed Revival and Liberty During COVID-19 Despite Intense Criticism from Politicians and Mainstream Media

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Iconic Events Announces Documentary Featuring Sean Feucht and ‘Let Us Worship’ Events In Select Theaters Nationwide August 19th

Iconic Events announces the debut of a new documentary, SUPERSPREADER, coming to theaters on August 19, 2022. The documentary follows the inspirational and controversial journey of singer and songwriter Sean Feucht as he leads a movement of worship in cities across America during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Highlighting the intense resistance, as well as the positive impact, SUPERSPREADER illuminates how Feucht and his team fought for religious liberty and brought the hope of the gospel to a country in chaos.

“The pandemic revealed the chains of depression, fear and control that were seizing our nation,” said Feucht. “I’m thrilled for audiences to gather together in movie theaters to witness God’s hand in the #LetUsWorship movement. It’s my prayer that this film shows an even greater number of people what can happen when we march into battle and call on the God of Hope.”

“It’s a film that explores the cost of courage,” explains director Josh Franer. “My hope as a filmmaker is to inspire greater conversation versus further division through the exploration of Sean’s bold stand against what he perceived to be tyranny.”

As rights and religious liberties were being stripped away in the name of public health during the COVID-19 lockdowns, a Christian worship leader knew he had to take a stand for what he believed in: sharing the gospel, no matter the cost. Join singer and songwriter, Sean Feucht, as he takes you on the wild ride of what became the #LetUsWorship movement.

SUPERSPREADER explores the movement of God that arose when Christians across America decided a pandemic could not stop them from gathering together to worship God.

The release of SUPERSPREADER in theaters will follow the launch of Sean’s book, BOLD: Moving Forward in Faith Not Fear (Salem Books, July 26, 2022), in which he equips Christians with the tools necessary to respond with faith rather than fear to cancel culture and weaponized media narratives.

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