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Odd Man Out

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Two strangers meet and they enter Solo’s apartment knowing not what to expect. They tentatively engage only for one of the strangers to leave abruptly throwing the man left into turmoil.

Written/Directed by Peter Efthymiou : Starring Peter Tate

Interview with Peter Tate:

Name and what you did in the film? Peter Tate-I Produced, wrote the script and was the actor.

What inspired you, or attracted you, to work on this film? It was based on a script I wrote and the man in the film was a very good portrait of what my life was like when I was much younger.

What do you like most about the story? The poetic nature of the film.

How did you get involved in filmmaking? I have been on tv and film and always loved the intimacy of the camera.

Tell us about your process? Where do you start? I search for the essence of the story and of the character and once found everything else falls into place.

Tell us some difficulties during the process or a unique story that happened? The manic laughing sequence near the beginning of the film was not planned i.e it was not in the script but I knew straight away that it was at the heart of this film. I started life as a window-cleaner and use to work in mental health units and this laughter came from those memories.

Tell us how important independent filmmaking is to you?  It is important for the unique voice to find their path.

What are you currently working on or plan to work on in the future? Another script of mine about the all-devouring ego that destroys and there are a few around at the moment.

What are some filmmakers, directors, writers that inspire you? Kurosawa, Bergman Almodovar

Any advice to filmmakers just starting out? Never relinquish your vision-commit and that commitment will overcome all obstacles.

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