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Kid Partner

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Over the course of a single night; Kid, Pops, Nervous Hands, and Four-Eyes hunt down King Pin Baldy to stop him from delivering a barrel of hooch to the Hotsy-Totsy Clown.

A film by Marcus Ross

An interview with Marcus Ross:

Name and what you did in the film?
My name is Marcus Ross. I am the writer, director, editor, and cinematographer for “Kid Partner”.

What inspired you, or attracted you, to work on this film?
I’ve always loved film noir and was inspired by the old Dick Tracy serials.

What do you like most about the story?
It all takes place in real-time over the course of a single night with a lot of different characters’ paths crossing.

How did you get involved in filmmaking?
My parents received a VHS video camera as a present when I was a kid. My brother and I took it and immediately started making our own movies and it’s all I’ve been interested in doing ever since.

Tell us about your process? Where do you start?
I always start with characters, creating and establishing the character(s). Then move into the world I have access to (places where I can actually film with no budget). Then write a script with what I can tangibly pull off with my resources and try to make something unique and distinct within the limits of the production.

Tell us some difficulties during the process or a unique story that happened?
I had zero budget for this short. I just used all my resources. I wanted to start the short out showing the entire town to set the stage and time period and make it very engaging. The opening shot starts up high and cranes down as we move across the street. In order to get this shot, my friend drove his tractor up to town that has a front-end loader on it. We strapped a wooden palette to the front-end loader for me to sit on and be raised up high. My friend drove the tractor across the street and lowered me down. I was then able to jump off the front of the tractor and enter the building, continuing up the stairwell in one unbroken shot.

Tell us how important independent filmmaking is to you?
I love independent filmmaking. It’s all about finding a way to tell a story in any way possible. I love gathering a group of creative individuals together to collaborate on telling a story. It’s fun getting to problem solve together and to get all these different moving pieces to connect in order to make it work.

What are you currently working on or plan to work on in the future?
I am currently working on a half-hour comedy special and continuing to build an audience for my comedy series “Lazy Circles”.

What are some filmmakers, directors, writers that inspire you?
My biggest inspiration are the Marx Brothers.

Any advice to filmmakers just starting out?
Use what you have access to. Your resources are your budget when you don’t have a budget.

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