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Around the World in 20 Recipes: Healthy Dishes to Bring People Together

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More than one in 10 Americans (13 percent) are planning to live to age 100 years or older, but relatively few are taking adequate steps to protect their health, according to a recent survey.1 To help support people’s health and longevity, nonprofit Transamerica Institute® has published a new cookbook, Healthier Traditions Cookbook: Around the World, as part of its Healthier Traditions Cookbook™ series.

“People have the potential to live longer than ever before. This possible gift of extra time requires that we safeguard our health and wellness, and that we take good care of ourselves in our daily lives. One way to promote health and bring people together is through delicious, nutritious food,” said Catherine Collinson, CEO and president of Transamerica Institute.

Healthier Traditions Cookbook: Around the World features recipes inspired by traditional dishes from 19 countries spanning six continents, offering flavorful dishes like Australia’s sweet Pavlova, Korea’s savory Japchae, and Cuba’s classic Picadillo. This cookbook encourages people of all culinary skill levels to learn about how others eat around the world. It offers recipes containing both rich history and unique healthy ingredients.

“Our eating habits are shaped by many factors, including personal beliefs, cultural backgrounds, lifestyle, dietary preferences, health conditions, availability and access. Despite how different diets can be, we can all agree that food brings comfort and fosters community,” said Mihaela Vincze, a public health expert at Transamerica Institute.

Healthier Traditions Cookbook: Around the World includes nutritional facts, evidence-based tips, and historical details. The cookbook – along with others in the series – was crafted by a registered dietitian through extensive research and recipe testing. Its nourishing and flavor-packed recipes contain as many vegetables as possible, use healthy oils, minimize refined grains and added sweeteners, and maximize flavor from spices and herbs, while aiming to honor the essence of each dish.

“We hope all readers will enjoy learning how to cook these dishes as well as a bit about the history and the ingredients used to make them. We offered vegetarian and gluten-free alternatives when possible and readers are welcome to make other substitutions based on their individual preferences or needs,” said Christina Badaracco, a registered dietitian, who served as a consultant on the cookbook.

The Healthier Traditions Cookbook: Around the World features recipes inspired by dishes from Australia, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Fiji, India, Korea, Philippines, Morocco, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Portugal, Romania, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Download this free cookbook, along with others in the Healthier Traditions Cookbook series, including Quick & EasyItalianSoul Food, and American Classics.

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